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In 1997 Bernard Goh, formed the HANDS PERCUSSION group, becoming its Artistic Director. Already living a life that embodied passion for music, drumming and percussion, it seemed a natural progression for the young visionary and inspired artist. With a small team of full-time performers all of whom were well under way to becoming brilliant musicians, HANDS began a musical journey of a lifetime. Despite the challenges of being a self-funded group they are now a crowd-favorite at local performing arts venues, with a steadily growing reputation locally and internationally.

Moving into their 20th year in 2017, HANDS functions on a mechanism which works and clearly shows an awareness of responsibilities, discipline, self-motivation and passion for what they do. Their creative journey is on a constant roller coaster ride. Beginning on a foundation of their trademark 24 Festive Drums style which is typically explosive and loud traditional drumming they have experimented with so many styles, instruments and technology not with-standing creating multidisciplinary productions. Two of their notably “explosive” productions are ‘The NEXT’ produced in 2012 and ‘Tchaikovsky in Gamelan’ in 2014 where they pushed creative and musical boundaries. In 2016 HANDS took their portfolio to a new level, with minimal drumming, stunning musicality and stirring physical movement in a debut site-specific performance ‘OPIUM’ with local and French artists.

From humble beginnings of school grounds rehearsal space and rented instruments, the group has steadily grown from strength to strength. Demonstrating that intention, passion and hard-work never fail.



Bernard Goh, Founder / Artistic Director
Alan Lee, Strategy & Finance Director
Zoe Lee, Head of Education & Outreach Department / Marketing
Muji Lee, International Tour Manager / Production Manager
Sueann Tilaka, English Copy Writer
Pan Swee Chin, Public Relations
Chang Yih Feng, Team Manager


Jimmy Ch'ng Lip Hann, Principal Percussionist
Ng Siu Yee, Music Director / Core Member
Jack Wan Wai Keat, Rehearsal Master / Gamelan Group Leader
Tee Wee Lin, Trainee's Coach
Tee Leong Hoe, Trainee's Coach
Leong Kah Miu, Program Coordinator
Phang Jian Hao, Intern


Sungai Buloh, Selangor
Phone: +603 61414480
Fax: +603 61414481
Email: mail@hands.com.my