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Kaleidoscope 6 – HANDS International Drumming Festival “Thunder” @ Istana Budaya 6 Oct (Thu) 8:30pm 7 Oct (Fri) 8:30pm 8 Oct (Sat) 8:30pm 9 Oct (Sun) 3:00pm Find Out More

Kaleidoscope 6 – HANDS International Drumming Festival “Thunder”

Synopsis Thunder was named in early 2020 (pre-pandemic) to simply say “Let’s make some noise!”. Now finally in production for October 2022 it symbolizes so much more than a loud strong presence. Thunder now reflects a journey (for us and our guest artists) of commitment, grit and incredible team work. In a collection of mixed […]

Drumbeat Inferno 鼓焰

https://youtu.be/QvzKWSgpbXAA drummer lives on energy, an there is no energy quite like fire. The flames rise quickly, and the speed at which the inferno spreads is matched by the increasing intensity of the drummer’s music, passion and strength. For a few brief minutes, this fiery composition consumes the drummers in a frenzy of leaps and […]

Taksu: The Spirit of Gamelan

Synopsis The Balinese believe that the ancient concept of taksu is what motivates a person’s random act of kindness. It is the purest essence of an individual, existing beyond education or learned skill. An ancient (some say spiritual) concept held close at heart by the Balinese, it is referred to locally as the spirit of the arts often said […]

Armour and Skin

Synopsis Under Sudi and Ghafir’s direction the soothing calls of the Malay and Balinese gamelan coaxes responses from the Chinese drums and vice versa, striking a lively varying toned conversation of metallic and deep timbre sounds. The gamelan is made of metal, yet speaks gently and elegantly. The drums are fashioned from supple skin, yet […]

Kaleidoscope V – HANDS International Drumming Festival 2018: Unbeatable

Synopsis It is a fact, that life in all its glory can unexpectedly come down hard on anyone. In order to keep facing life’s challenges, we need to be ready with a mighty spirit. One that helps us get up and move forward when we fall. This is the essence behind Kaleidoscope 5, a spirit […]

DeafBeat 10th Anniversary Concert: YMCA ‘Inner Voices’

Synopsis DeafBeat celebrates their 10 th Anniversary this 2017. They have taken their music and art to places like New Delhi, India for SAMBHAV 2011, at home for Kaleidoscope III, International Drumming Festival 2014 and to Warsaw, Poland for the 2016 Brave Festival. After 10 years in the performing arts industry the 8 deaf youths […]